Evolving Shoot 'Em Up "GENETOS"
You can go through the history of the genre!

GENETOS Ver. 1.00 (freeware)
Download (zip : 26.9MB)
(This package includes simple English manual)

Update Info
2009-12-24 : Ver.1.00 release
2008-08-10 : Ver.0.60 release
2007-12-20 : Ver.0.50 release

What's the GENETOS?

GENETOS is a vertical shooter with an "evolution" theme. In GENETOS, the levels represent different generations in the evolution of shmups.

The 1st level. You start out with a Space Invaders-like game.

In the 2nd level, you move into late-eighties-style world.

The 3rd level is more standard. You get bombs and more firepower.

And the 4th level. Go to the bullet hell!

Use the arrow keys to move, and press Z key to shoot. Let's try it!

Evolution diverges depending on your gameplay!

In GENETOS, Weapons of your ship varies with your playing style. For example, you move forward aggressively in the game, you'll get a short range and highly powerful blade. Or you bump into an bullet many times, you'll acquire the ability to slow down the bullet speed.

Short range, but powerful attack
Blade : It has a short range, but highly powerful.

Slows down enemies bullets
Overclock : Slow down an enemie's bullets.


GENETOS requires DirectX8.1 or higher to run.

Game Requirements
OS Windows 2000 / Xp / Vista
CPU Recommended 1.0 GHz or higher
Memory Recommended 512 MB RAM
Runtime DirectX8.1 or higher (Xp includes it as standard)
Graphics Card 32bit color mode at 640 x 480 screen resolution compatible
Sound Card DirectMusic compatible
Input Device Keyboard or gamepad